Lark Scheduled Playlist Manager 12.0

Lark Scheduled Playlist Manager 12.0: You can broadcast music and program on scheduled time by using Audio Broadcaster Lark Scheduled Playlist Manager is a professional timed music and video player used for factory broadcast, campus broadcast, and building broadcast. The player has a variety of functions such as timed music playback, timed video playback, timed affair reminding, and timed switch and so on. The player, Currently in the market, it is the timed music playback software which is the most intelligent and easiest for use.

Magic Timed Shutdown 10.02: Manage computer by timed shutdown, PC management, time limit and other options.
Magic Timed Shutdown 10.02

Timed Shutdown is a professional auto shutdown package. It will help you better manage one computer. Magic Timed Shutdown has four powerful functions, which has made it a good helper for parents and administrators. Timed shutdown allows your computer to perform certain tasks automatically at specified times under 11 conditions and can take 14 different actions (such as computer shutdown, reboot, log off, alert, standby and open a file or URLs). PC

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Timed SMS Scheduler 1.0

Using Timed SMS Scheduler, you can schedule SMS to be sent to anybody at any future time. The recipient will see the message exactly the same as if you`ve just typed it in yourself. With Timed SMS Scheduler, you now have a portable alarm system to remind yourself and your family/friend of all the important events not to be missed, all using the simple SMS of you phone.

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Treasures of The Ancient Cavern 1.01: Solve 90 challenging puzzles to find 18 Inca artifacts and learn ancient magic.
Treasures of The Ancient Cavern 1.01

Treasures of The Ancient Cavern takes you on a journey to cross the equator and follow in the footsteps of the Incas to discover ancient artifacts and learn the magic of great Inca. The game offers 90 increasingly challenging levels to explore, 18 ancient artifacts and unique magic runes and power-ups. You can play against the clock in the timed mode or relax in the untimed mode and indulge yourself into unhurried puzzle solving fun.

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EM.MCQ 2.0.5: EM.MCQ is an Emergency Medicine MCQ database, editor and study tool.
EM.MCQ 2.0.5

Emergency Medicine Multiple Choice Questions (EM.MCQ) is a MCQ database, editor and study tool. It includes over 700 MCQ covering topics in Emergency Medicine. You can select questions by type (simple completion, multiple completion and true/false), difficulty and topic areas. They can be practiced in un-timed study or timed quizzes. Users can add their own questions, edit existing questions, add notes, references and perform spell checks.

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Gem Quest 1.1

Addictive gem swapping puzzle game. Easy to learn. Play the untimed casual mode or the timed arcade mode. Enjoy varied level themes as the multiple gem types challenge your progress.

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Arcade Balls 1.22: Addictive 3D original interpretation of the legendary Lines with various modes.
Arcade Balls 1.22

Your favorite office game in 3d interpretation! The game helps to spend your time well and useful. It is interesting and addictive for both children and adult; for office and home computer. There are four game modes: Arcade Lines (similar to Classic Lines), Timed Lines (practice your quick reaction), Arcade Balls (very interesting and original interpretation of the old game) and Timed Balls.

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